Steps to Prevent People from Unsubscribing

Having a high voltage email strategy places businesses in a better position to engage the audience. Perhaps, the lesser known fact is that majority of the businesses take full advantage of B2B mailing lists. The mailing list is undeniably the bringer of leads and ROI. Thus, endearing the affection of savvy marketers.

Despite taking gruesome efforts to build a list of subscribers, it isn’t uncommon to see the list shrink in size. In due time,

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Is It Necessary for Freelancers to Have Mailing List?

The mailing list is one of the most talked about subjects on the internet. Sure, it does boost business performance and equips freelancers to find customers. But there are lesser known things such as – “Who should be buying B2B mailing lists?” and “what should a mailing list contain?”

Why should freelancers use the mailing list?

Being a focused freelancer, I have been able to connect with readers through writing, editing, and social media without using the mailing list.

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How to Find Suitable Mailing List for Your Business?

Getting the product off the shelf is easier said than done. Garnering the attention of prospects through direct mail is slowly losing its luster making marketers turn towards email list. Blasting ads with personal messages on mass media has minimal impact as it gives businesses the local visibility. However, getting noticed internationally requires upping the ante. The direct mailing may not be a key contributor to sales. However, it does keep with the other methods of lead generation.

When customer and prospects receive direct mail,

C-level Executives Email List

6 Proven Ways to Engage C-Level Executives

Many marketers are eager and excited to start engaging with people of corner office using C-level executives email database. However, time seems limited for the decision makers. Hence matters need to be conveyed in urgency, and sometimes messages are lost in translation. If you are in line to begin a fruitful conversation, here is what you need to do.

Attempting these 6 techniques could vastly improve the outcome of your efforts to reach C-level decision makers

1) Introduce first

With time being sparse,

4 Content Curation Tactics in Email and Social Media Marketing

4 Content Curation Tactics in Email and Social Media Marketing

The vast majority of marketers invest on crafting content which is identical to existing ones across the Internet. The mind-boggling volume of repetitive content can lead to wastage of time and efforts that otherwise could be saved by focusing on content curation.

The benefits of content curation:

  • Content sharing leads to better visibility
  • Multiplies engagement rates and boosts quality conversation
  • Reinforces trust and credibility
  • Enables productive use of time and resources

The email marketing and social media work hand in hand when there is an appropriate content sharing formula between the two.

The Impact of Instagram in Email Marketing

Social media marketing gained a massive boost after the launch of Instagram. The seven-year-old sensational photo-sharing application amplified the sales within email marketing realm within months from its inception. The success was instant where the usership grew up to 1 million within the first two months.

Facebook later acquired the brand in a billion dollar deal. It baffled the world how a brand with its humble origin could become an internet darling.

Many were intrigued why Facebook would pay a lavish sum for a brand of such small stature.

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3 Key Email Crafting Formula to Dilate Your Inbox Placement Rates

A gargantuan number of emails are exchanged across the Internet year after year. The figures are estimated to be around 144 billion and will continue to grow in the days ahead. In multi-million dollar B2B industry where B2B email lists is a sales driver, email is the backbone of all communication.

Here are 3 key email crafting formula to dilate your inbox placement rates:

  1. Short and indistinct headline

The primary motive of email headline is to grab the attention of email recipients and enticing them to engage with it.

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Thinking to Buy a Mailing list? Don’t Ignore These Useful Tips

So you are thinking to buy a mailing list? Not bad! But you mustn’t hurry and buy from any random data vendor. Buying a mailing list can prove to be a futile expenditure or a highly rewarding investment based on how you go about it. You are going to buy an important data resource which will define the success or failure of your sales and marketing cadre to a large extent. Here are some tips you must read through before hitting the ‘buy’ button:

Determine What You Need: Don’t jump on to buying a mailing list unless you are clear about what you need.