4 Content Curation Tactics in Email and Social Media Marketing

//4 Content Curation Tactics in Email and Social Media Marketing

The vast majority of marketers invest on crafting content which is identical to existing ones across the Internet. The mind-boggling volume of repetitive content can lead to wastage of time and efforts that otherwise could be saved by focusing on content curation.

The benefits of content curation:

  • Content sharing leads to better visibility
  • Multiplies engagement rates and boosts quality conversation
  • Reinforces trust and credibility
  • Enables productive use of time and resources

The email marketing and social media work hand in hand when there is an appropriate content sharing formula between the two. With content curation, leads stay warm and connected with your brand.

Here are the 4 tactics to sustain growth through content curation:

  1. Curate content shared by influencers

Influencer content can place your content within the scope of top influencers who may want to share accessible content within their network of followers. It gives extensive brand exposure within a larger community and puts you under the spotlight. Every time influencers promote your curated content; it shores up the brand value. It can trigger an influx of people into your social pages and along comes the opportunity to turn them from subscribers to customers. Follow leading influencers through their social handles and promote their updates and it will automatically grow your email list as more subscribers tune into your network to hear more on relevant updates.

  1. Tools that curate and schedule content

Manually foraging for content can eat away valuable time and resource. Instead, use tools such as “Pockets” that automatically obtain relevant content and categorize them based on the provided keyword inputs. These content curation tools have flexible features that allow marketers to curate niche content and place them in the pipeline for posting on social sites. The robust scheduling system replaces manual intervention making the process seamless and engaging.

  1. Curate high-quality images and other media

Visual imagery and textual content cease to exist without one another. Relevant, high-quality image accents the attention-grabbing potential of text-based content. Images help content to stand out in the crowded mailbox and social sites making it easier for discovery.

Using striking images with human subjects will elicit a positive response from the audience. So, it is recommended to get creative with infographics, charts, graphs, videos, and GIFs to obtain maximum traction during digital promotions. Marketers can save the time and efforts demanded by Image creation with image curation. This way, you depend on right apps to reduce the overhead without compromising the results.

  1. Curate Data and Case Studies

High-value data is often found dispersed across the internet. Aggregating every bit of information and building meaningful patterns requires dedication. Marketers pore over hundreds of sources and verify the authenticity and relevancy of the information before assimilating into the content. When you provide reference within the content, you are sparing audience from the hardship of manually collating credible information.

Use analytic tools to extract data that outlines positive results observed by the clients upon choosing your solution. Curate case studies that wholly support the results with proof. These actionable insights will serve as a source of reference for potential buyers in the future.

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