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Having a high voltage email strategy places businesses in a better position to engage the audience. Perhaps, the lesser known fact is that majority of the businesses take full advantage of B2B mailing lists. The mailing list is undeniably the bringer of leads and ROI. Thus, endearing the affection of savvy marketers.

Despite taking gruesome efforts to build a list of subscribers, it isn’t uncommon to see the list shrink in size. In due time, subscribers ebb away. Many marketers may dismiss such occurrences because they may seem nothing out of the ordinary. Sometimes lists decay and its all part of the natural process. However, we disagree.

Try and follow these tactics to prevent subscribed members from leaving.  

Convey the matters in a straightforward manner

Stating the intent and benefits is a not so twisted tone will offer marketers a clear view of the goals. In the shout out campaigns, it isn’t uncommon to see marketers using catchy phrases to woo prospects. It may seem as an applause-worthy effort with the initial growth of subscriber volume. However, success will be short-lived because customers are likely to unsubscribe when they are unable to derive real values from staying tuned to whatever the marketer broadcasts. Hence, stop inundating audience with out-of-date and confusing information. Provide clear instructions that convey the right information with ease.

Request Feedback information from Unsubscribing audience

Spotted unhappy subscribers? Request a feedback through a simple form. It helps to understand if there are instances that may have inconvenienced the subscribers. A typical subscriber skirts around the feedback while others are generous to convey their dissatisfaction.

Split test your email frequency

Sending too many or fewer emails can cause subscribers to feel overwhelmed and prompting them to look for the unsubscribing link. Avoid intimidating subscribers by over sending emails. Subscribers have the tendency to gradually lose memory of brands that are making weak efforts to stay in touch. Keep a tab on the frequency of email distribution to prevent subscribers from leaving.

Testing efficiency of email is an utmost necessity. Perform A/B testing by split testing the emails. You can send the daily emails to one batch while next set of subscribers can be emailed weekly basis. Compare the results from the split tests to optimize your email distribution frequency.

Boost Engagement with automated emails

Use automated systems to mediate welcome message to new subscribers. Using intuitive automatic responders will increase your engagement. The automation of message can be limited to generic emails, notifications, and welcome emails. Should a user subscribe to mailing list, let them automatically obtain an acknowledgment.

Have a well-planned Schedule for Your Emails

After split testing your email to determine the right frequency of sending relevant emails by charting a schedule and staying on it. If your tests indicate that subscribers are most happy receiving emails once a week, it is recommended to remain consistent by sending emails every week on the same day.

Keep watchful eyes on inactive subscribers

Have a watchful eye set upon subscribers and their interests. Most subscribers who remain inactive and are showing the tendency to ignore emails, they are most likely to unsubscribe from the mailers. Before it is too late, come up with a strategy to handle subscribers who are mostly inactive.

As a remedial measure, you can set up automated email and attempt re-engaging the subscribers. Incentivise your subscribers so that they will remain committed to your business. Deals, promotions, and offers are a great way to re-engage your subscribers.

Avoid erroneous unsubscribes

Sometimes, erroneous unsubscribes contribute towards the loss of subscribers. Although they are sparsely seen in the B2B industry, it poses a threat to the growth of your mailing list. Overcome this problem by letting people unsubscribe by second confirmation method. This allows people to decide if their actions are final or if there is a chance to retract.

Subscribers are important for any B2B campaigns, you can’t run the show without the audience, and B2B emil lists will show you where the right audience can be found.

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