The Impact of Instagram in Email Marketing

//The Impact of Instagram in Email Marketing

Social media marketing gained a massive boost after the launch of Instagram. The seven-year-old sensational photo-sharing application amplified the sales within email marketing realm within months from its inception. The success was instant where the usership grew up to 1 million within the first two months.

Facebook later acquired the brand in a billion dollar deal. It baffled the world how a brand with its humble origin could become an internet darling.

Many were intrigued why Facebook would pay a lavish sum for a brand of such small stature. In the present day, Instagram has over 500 million global users, and the numbers are climbing fast. In the US alone, there are 100+ million users since last year.

Instagram and Email Marketing

Before the burst of contextual email marketing bubble, accommodating social media content within the email template was easier said than done. The dynamic and flickable quality of social media made emails look ancient. Email marketers deployed a platoon of social media icons within emails to shore up cross-channel marketing efforts.

Suddenly, the aging email ecosystem is once again enlivened with the inclusion of graphical social media icons. With this new trend, the email was once again under the spotlight. Today, emails are more capable of promoting content synonymous with the traits of social media.

As user open the email, marketers were capable of capturing real-time social information. Instagram was more than a mere icon by becoming a live content that attracted and brought users within a marketer’s arms reach.

Many leading brands are utilizing this newly found mechanism to attract the audience. The customizable live Instagram feed gave email marketing professionals the traction needed in the lead generation. It was made easier for including Instagram feeds by no more than a few lines of HTML codes.

The combo of email marketing and Instagram

The brand visibility gained a boost through the simultaneous integration of multiple channels. Making the attractive feeds of Instagram accessible to audience through email gave immense authority to email over other channels. The email otherwise enjoying strong ROI received a bump in performance with the integration of Instagram feeds.

Amplifying Email Interaction

Inclusion if Instagram feed within the email is never an alternative to insertion of mere social media icon. If Instagram users consistently engage with feeds on the channel, it could laterally benefit email platform through passive interaction with email content. Marketers can use feeds in campaign planners by skipping the manual updating process. It drastically saves time and dollar.

Amalgamation of email and Instagram

The success of cross-channel marketing isn’t wholly limited to incorporation of Instagram feeds within email templates alone. Here are other things that are open to experimentation:

  • Promote contests and giveaways across Instagram to garner the users through email registration.
  • Take advantage of Instagram’s images to get creative in email template
  • Turn your marketing scope in the direction of email users and advertise the benefits of signing up by crafting smart Instagram hashtags.
  • Filter images that are highly relevant for your email marketing promotions by using appropriate hashtags

Make your email stand out and shine by wielding the power of high-quality images sponsored by Instagram.

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